Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Daily Opportunity

Sunny, clear sky today. Still a bit chilly, although forecast warming trend. Little known to me or the readers of this blog of the tremendous opportunities awaiting me today! For starters, I get to rake the leaves in the garden. Then I can venture out to the Korean shop to pick up some fresh tofu and soy sprouts and soy sauce. After that I get to make lunch. Then if I have time, I can do some emails and prepare for my five o'clock lesson and/or my journalism class tomorrow! And, of course, there's always that beloved pastime, washing dishes!

OK, I've arguably wasted time this morning playing Tetris, a vice regular readers of this blog will know that I gave up months ago. That I returned to it two days ago is perhaps reason for concern. But if I seize the day and do these modest but rewarding tasks laid out above, just imagine the fulfillment! Hooray!

Then there's the issue of sorting out a plane travel to Turkey for Lucia, Eldar and myself. Some ideas, but nothing solid yet . . . .