Saturday, April 28, 2007

Merkava Leaves Its Mark On Earth

Aeons ago, when the Earth was inhabited by plants, animals and apes
There came into orbit a craft from some distance out in Space
Called the Merkava
It was manned by a team: Mich-u-El, Dan-u-El, Gabor-u-El, Ur-u-El, Raph-u-El, Sam-u-El and El-dar.
It also held a tremendously powerful computer used for navigation and overall guidance.
The Computer was called A-do-noy.
The men’s origin is tied in with a place or entity called El.
It has been surmised by some that El is an abbreviation – E.L.
EL could be short for “Electric Lighting” or some such descriptor.
Communication with E.L. Adonoy was something special.
The men had to enter a chamber
Behind a “veil”
And there received guidance.
(Something similar can be seen in the film “Alien”.)

For reasons not fully known
Only Eldar was able to “enter” EL Adonoy completely.
It is thought that their compatibility went way back.
And that the others on board were not from the same place
But had encountered the Merkava at some time after its launch
Perhaps they were lost
Or perhaps they came to its rescue
Perhaps there was only Eldar on board at that time.

The men, guided by the E.L. Adonoy, beamed down to the surface.
There they established a colony called EL Den.
Eldar lived there full-time, while the others commuted between it and the Merkava.
It appears it was modeled on the conditions of Eldar’s home.

The others, each – unlike Eldar - was ranked as an An-g-El.
This has been translated as representative or employee of EL.

On Earth, Eldar suffered from loneliness.
Under instructions from EL Adonoy
Cells were extracted from the marrow of Eldar’s rib
To produce “Ev-EL”, a woman
She was gestated in a pool of warm water.
Ev was instructed by EL Adonoy
As was Eldar.
They had sons
Who squabbled
The tribe of Abel
Is but a Fable
Caine killed all his lineage
Really quite a sineage
To lose your righteous brother
We are all Cain-en-ites, no other.
Throughout the course of time
Contact with El was largely lost
The ability to communicate with it
Seems to have been lost
Or perhaps it ceased to function

Jesus is said by some
To have been sent by El Adonoy
To bring the Earthlings back
Under the guidance of El Adonoy

Others say El Adonoy
Came to be know as El A
Or Al-lah
And Samuel as Satan
After a dispute
Eldar came to be remembered
As Adam
And Ev El
As Eve.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Bin Laden Changes Tune In Favor Of Peace And Harmony

By Frederick Ben Adelmann

AMAN – Friday, 13 April 2007 - In an authenticated DVD released Thursday by Allah Akbar Media, Al Qaeda’s new media division, Osama bin Laden appears delivering a message of forgiveness and human unity in stark contrast to his earlier pleas for the Muslim peoples of the world to undermine and overthrow the US and Israel.

“We are all children of God,” said bin Laden, “whether we like it or not.”

He explained that while the United States - as the leader of global corporatism - has put profit above all and cost the beings of this planet their peace and well being, a campaign of terror is not the solution.

“The spirit that gives life to each and every one of us is the spirit of God, the creator and ruler of all,” the Al Qaeda chief added. “Some of us have been misguided by the voices of fear, greed and revenge. This is not the way. Charity is the highest good taught in the Koran and in the scriptures of its predecessor faiths, Judaism and Christianity. We are faced with a world in crisis and we must now use our power to help others. This way a new paradigm will emerge and destruction can be replaced by enlightened, harmonious creativity.”

The rest of the video offered no apologies for Al Qaeda attacks in the US, Europe and the UK. Bin Laden did however state that these attacks were “calculated steps” taken to humble the collective evil of global corporatism and blaze a path forward for human cooperation.

“Creation is the work of God,” he said. “As his children, our mission is to continue his creation in the most charitable way possible. We must give to the planet, not take from it. We must strengthen each other, not exploit. We must above all forgive and teach by good example. All the machinery of man can be used for either good or ill. The choice of good is not the easy one. It is easier and more immediately profitable to make war. Selling weapons generates profits and fuels industry. But ultimately it turns us against each other and destroys everything.”

Bin Laden ended his presentation with a challenge.

“To all those who have followed me,” he said. “Forgive the greedy and fearful among us – whether they be Jew, Christian, Muslim or pagan. Teach by the example of the Prophet and the creator with a dedication to tolerance, learning, temperance and peace. To those who condemn me, I say rise to the understanding that forgiveness is the only door to peace from war. Be charitable to the ones you view as your enemies and eventually – after some painful sacrifices – they will come to love you as friends and a new reality of peace can prevail.”