Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Conversation with God

Sunny weather has come to Budapest. It's sort warmish, albeit still hovering around freezing in the shade. Winter may well make another comeback before its springtime retirement. My left pinky is suffering from psoriasis. I just started a homeopathic treatment which I am hoping will set things right.

I am mulling through a project covering China's most influential people for a client in Sweden. It's moving slower than expected, but progress is being made.

I am in contact with a guy in Singapore who is pitching energy saving devices, at least one of which could be well-suited to the Hungarian market. If he's for real. An associate of mine has doubts.

A movie script is in the works. My friend Steven Lovy, the Hollywood filmmaker, has enlisted me to help him write the story for his forthcoming film. We've been at it for a few weeks now and appear to be making progress.

Now for some profound thinking. Subjective experience is the height of human experience. After all, it's the only human experience, one might say. What one experiences in a crowd of people in a moment of euphoria has a special word that escapes me just now. But even that is subjective from the perspective of an individual.

I recently heard an interview with a modern composer who said that he writes his music completely alone for the sake of his own personal experience. That others have come to love it and grant him awards was never his plan. That's the kind of artist I would like to be.

Jazz musicians - or many of them anyhow - are out to push the envelope of subjective experience. Perhaps they know full well that this can involve group participation, but each and every is having a subjective experience, unique to the individual and no one is trying to please or manipulate anyone else, nobody who's with it, knows the score, etc., anyway.

The artists who remain true and devout sometimes make it, sometimes don't. Sometimes it takes a while, sometimes they're overnight a success. But they're artists above all. In conversation with God (the universe, the great euphamism, I deny, I dunno, adannoy, etc.)

Monday, February 06, 2006

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