Saturday, May 27, 2006

A Call to Space

Yes it's been a spell since my last posting. All is well, dear non-existant reader. My thoughts have not enough focused on the necessity of space travel, exploration and colonisation.

"Focus on the problems down here first!" The naive scream.

But it is exactly the challenge of space that will teach us how to live here. In a Martian colony, recycling and cooperation are non-issues. The same for religious tolerance. Technology got us this far, let it carry us further still. And vegetarianism will be the cuisine of space. Raising and slaughtering our fellow mammals and water dwelling ancestors will not be economical.

We will learn from our spaceciers and we will be inspired and employed by their efforts. Space will be the new tower of Babylon, uniting the races of Earth in an effort to carry mortals to the heavans above.