Friday, December 23, 2005

Back from Israel

We returned from Israel early this morning, putting an end to a challenging and most intruiging family vacation.

We had a good time at the wedding of our friend, Isaac Tapiero; his wedding being our motivation for making the trip in the first place. The rest of the time wasn't always pleasant, but it wasn't what I would call bad, either.

Making a family trip unto itself was a challenge and one I'm happy to have lived up to. All went reasonably well and no one was hurt. Yes it would have been very different had I been alone, as I was on my previous (and only other) visit to Israel in Spring 1998. I spent much of the time with Isaac then, up in the hilltop village of Bethlehem Gallilee (not to be confused with Bethlehem in the West Bank, where Jesus is said by many to have been born)