Friday, August 05, 2005

Anatomy of persistant throat condition

My "condition" is troubling me. Perhaps not as bad as it has at times in the past, but certainly worse than it has during periods of "recovery." I dropped the dosage of medication I was taking from 4 tablets of 40mg Quamatel (with meals and before bed) down to three, skipping the bed time dose. I've been able to sleep through the night and even woken up feeling generally quite well, without much in the way of discomfort in the throat. What has brought on the discomfort is what appears to be work-related stress. I'm currently in the heat of an enormous research project - a study of the privatisation process in five countries. I've tried to farm out much of the work, but I'm concerned that things aren't coming together and it's going to take a deadline extension and quite a bit of work on my part to pull the thing off. The payment for this project is what will make my family vacation possible and it could well open the door for a substancial amount of more work, perhaps some of it interesting.

So if the problem really is that I'm suffering chronic stress from this work of mine and I regret that I'm not writing aphorisms or novels or the story of my life, perhaps the solution is to plunge into it, do whatever it takes to get it done. Dive into the situation like a fight with a crazed animal and do my relaxing afterwards. A vacation will no doubt do me some good and more projects that I am able to organise well with a good team of researchers could pay off in the long run, even giving me the benefit of more free time. It is, after all, the most promising business opportunity to concretely present itself in a while.

What if my throat doesn't improve, even if I plunge into this work? Well, I suppose I'll deal with that as it happens. I'll report back later with the results.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005