Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Abdominal Pain - update

Since my last entry I enjoyed just over a week of very little abdominal pain. There was some initial swelling of an organ below my right ribcage on my back, but that went down and for several days there I felt just fine, "normal" you could say. But the day before yesterday I started to feel some pain, up good and high, almost behind my right ribcage, on my back. I prodded at it with my fingers and massaged it. The next day - yesterday - the swelling was back in a big way, as was the pain. My suspicion is that this is pancreatitis, brought on by another stone working its way into a biliary duct and blocking pancreatic fluids. My digestion has continued to be strange, loose stools, apparently less than fully digested.

So here it is, just two weeks after my last cleanse/flush and I am seriously considering another, with the idea of starting the preparations tomorrow with an apple juice fast for 3 days, followed by a flush on Saturday night and Sunday.

The two previous flushes have brought decided results, bringing stones and a great reduction in both swelling and pain. Lucia has been pushing for conventional medical attention. I plan on speaking with Joan - our raw food guru - this evening by phone to get her opinion. The last cleanse, stared less than a week after the one before it, took a lot out of me. But within a day or two I was feeling a whole lot better. If stones are the cause of my irritation and flushing can help - which it evidently can, then I should go forth, no? Please post a comment. Today I bought lemons and olive oil.