Monday, October 31, 2005

Autumn in Budapest

My last post was back in August. A few things have happened since then. I went on a 10-day silent Vipassana meditation workshop and was able to overcome the problem in my throat. By day 4 I was off the medication and have been off it since. During the workshop I concluded that the "illness" had entered my life to offer me a way out of what was to me an unacceptable way of life - too many hours spent at uninspiring jobs, not enough sleep and not enough time to myself and not enough economic freedom and certainly not enough time with my family and a diet and exercise regimen that weren't doing it for me either. So I changed a lot of things - started running, introduced a bit of raw food into my diet, cut back on work and signed up for Vipassana. Through the course of it all I started work for a client in Sweden who payed very well but who also demanded a lot. But I produced and after Vipassana went with my wife (Lucia) and son (Eldar) to Turkey for two wonderful weeks. Since then I've written a few articles and taught a two-hour guest lecture on journalism at an international university here, went for a hike in the Austrian alps, hung out with Lucia and Eldar; I've been meditating regularly, twice per day during the week.

It occurs to me now that I can post more articles I've written to and update my profiles on the p2p sites I'm on.

There's a total solar eclipse in Turkey next March 12 that I would like to witness. So I'd like to find a way to get free flights for my family and I and to get paid for it. I've got a few ideas. I could also assemble a report on water power in the same style I put things together for clients.