Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Back to work

I am sitting back at my desk at the Budapest Business Journal. The acid reflux that troubled me so last week is still around, but no where near the torture it was. The doctor who performed the endoscopy last Thursday told me that she saw no signs of disease in my stomach or asophagus, but she took a tissue sample, the results of which will be back this week. What was causing it, she said, was deep depression. This was something she said I should address, that it could cause serious disease in the years ahead.

Am I depressed? Have I been depressed? I'm sure. I have been working a lot, getting up early to teach and then coming to the BBJ to run the "Intelligence Service". I've enjoyed teaching English to corporate executives. Getting up early has been a bit tough, but hardly impossible. I was doing the same thing when I was writing for the Budapest Times and I wasn't depressed, at least not the way I am here.

I was hired by Darko, the former BBJ business manager who has since left the company. His departure has left me feeling very much alone here. The woman I hired to help me is wonderful is all sorts of ways and she does what I ask quite compentantly and without complaint. I could bemoan my fate for hours, but how could I make things better?

I have to at least do the things I said I would do, if for no other reason than that. I said that my unit would build "" - a guide to business opportunities in Hungary. We have a strong directory of links now finished that can go on the front page. What we need now is a basic design and listings service and editor. So I'll make that a priority. Peter Sik, an MBA student who has been helping out a bit, designed a cool new logo for the Intelligence Service. So I'll post that once we have it in hi resolution.

I just had a good meeting with an artist and ad guy about the Budapest Exchange of Contemporary Art. This is a concept whereby investor money could be drawn into the market for contemporaty art.


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