Friday, March 11, 2005

My Life this week

My greatest triumphs this week were an event about filmmaking that originated from an idea I had and a meeting with OTP Bank (Hungary's largest bank) about launching the "BBJ card," a credit card co-branded with the Budapest Business Journal, my lead client.

The filmmaking event involved a presentation by the Lovy Brothers, Steven and Robert who recently made the film "Mix",, here in Budapest. They are both friends of mine. They narrated a PPT slideshow that instructed the audience the steps involved in making a feature film from idea through bringing it to the public. One result of the event is the potential funding of their next film by a fund whose director was in attendance. Lucia and Eldar came and enjoyed themselves. Eldar ran around in the hotel, "The Art'otel" the hip and groovy venue where the event was held and Lucia mixed with friends of ours. Afterwards we ate a pizza with Steven Lovy at a nearby overpriced pizzeria.

Lucia and I registered a domain for our forthcoming website and today I have a meeting with a guy who could help with BECA, the Budapest Exchange of Contemporary Art. I had couple of sleepless nights, and a nagging throat condition which may well be hysterical, but a good night's sleep last night, some good Yoga sessions, some good lessons taught. A five-day weekend starting today. Not bad!


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