Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Just yesterday I was telling a student in my early morning soft skills seminar that Yoga enables me to move through challenging situations without enduring stress. Well, this morning I found myself challenged by the stress I thought I was able to avoid. OK, my Yoga practice this morning was a bit abbreviated, the result of less than restful night's sleep - I spent much of the early morning hours tossing and turning, counting to 1000, saying mantras doing relaxation exercises and other nightly pasttimes that did nothing to help me sleep.

So I have things to do here for my primary client, the Budapest Business Journal, where I direct the Intelligence Service. But this blog is not the place for that discussion.

The Mormons are sending a contigent to our home tomorrow at 3 to speak with us about baptism, about joining their Church. We attend it with fair regularity, but are not members. Perhaps I'll insert some remarks on this particular topic in my next entry.

Lucia received yesterday her super new camera, bought in New Jersey by friends and brought back to Budapest in a suitcase. With this she hopes to contribute our nifty new journalism efforts. We have a very good plan, which I will reveal once things are more clear and better protected.


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