Friday, February 11, 2005

domestic life

This morning I was going through my morning drill, up at 4:30, shower, Yoga, breakfast, off to my first job, etc. As I was setting up my laptop to read a news story or two with my muesli, Lucia asked me if I would like to come up to the loft to make love to her. Yes, I replied, but added that I simply did not have time. In the past I used to go up and cuddle with her after Yoga, but experience taught me that my schedule tended to get thrown as a result.

It is so easy for her or you to criticise me for not being more attentive. But gee whiz, I live here in Budapest with my wife from Russia and my son who was born here and I have to pay the rent and bills and keep everyone fed. So I have to make choices. If she wants to cuddle, I'll be home later today before Eldar is home and I told her so. But honestly, with all the things on my mind in the morning and the tight schedule I have to keep it's not exactly easy to throw everything aside, take off my clothes and climb back into bed because Lucia asks me to. But she's already decided that this was some sort of a test for me, so she wasn't about to let up.

I began making my normal moves, fixing breakfast, etc. Then she threatens to cut up my clothes if I don't come to her. This wouldn't have thrown me so if she hadn't once before cut up all my favorite shirts when I hadn't come home at the exact hour she had wanted me to. (It had been early evening, by the way.)

So I climb up and embrace her for a few seconds and tell her I'll be back that afternoon and she makes some remark like "go to your Csilla" referring to my colleague at work.

Things quickly got messy.


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