Thursday, January 27, 2005

Life in Hell

What is it like to live in Hell? Not so difficult, really. You just have to accept that:
  • you have no friends, no allies and no role models
  • you will never get the opportunity to express your creativity, e.g. no whistling
  • you must communicate in vagueries and half-truths and read between the lines of everything that is said to you
  • you have to pretend that you are interested when you are not
  • all those wonderful places and activities you imagine will stay in your imagination
  • it is necessary to find a way to be thankful for what you have - no matter how little - and a positive attitude to your labor - even if you are raking coals
  • you have no power to physically change anything, you are a victim of fate
  • getting upset about your condition will do nothing except make you feel worse

If you can come to terms with the above reality, then you should do just fine in Hell.


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