Sunday, February 06, 2005

faster than light travel, realtime communication between stars

I've had some thoughts on breaking the "light barrier" and now may be the only time I have to write them down. Einstein, so I remember, tells us that as an object approaches the "speed of light," its mass approaches infinity. Now I have a whole heap of issues with the "speed of light" that I won't get into now. But assuming Einstein is right, and assuming this issue of infinite weight gain really is a problem, how can superluminous travel be achieved?

My knowledge of textbook physics is pretty shallow, but I'll give this a stab. And the only way to prove me wrong, remember, is to demonstrate in real time with real objects, rather that on paper or on the computer screen, that this couldn't work. Here goes:

Use your own mass as fuel to generate the power you need to fly. The more of your own mass you consume, the faster you go. This counters Einsteinian position that the faster you go, the heavier you become. So light barrier, go to heck.

How can the above be achieved with known technology? It is widely assumed that energy is stored as mass. As most scientists and logicians will tell you, the reverse is also true, mass is stored as energy. The energy evident in the movement of every electron around the nucleus of every atom is just the energy we need to both propel ourselves foreward and reduce our mass to counter Einstein's barrier.

So what we need is a conductor/transformer that will tap this energy driving the electrons and convert into gravity - gravity that could be channeled to push us forward. This latter bit exists in the form of electrogravitic capacitors. The "lifters" you can read about on the Internet demonstrate this. Their problem is they rely on such huge amounts of electricity that in order for them to rise up, they have to be plugged in to an external power source too heavy for them to carry with them. But if the above mentioned conductor/transformer were created and put to use, then there would be no need for an external power supply, for the objects own mass would serve to propel it.

The Dilithium crystal on Star Trek - the lynchpins enabling Warp Drive - is a fictional representation of this conductor transformer. In a similar way that a silicon crystal is able to convert radio waves to electricity, the dilithium crystal converts the force of electron rotation into propulsive gravity.


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