Friday, March 18, 2005

Not hysterical

I am feeling rather uncomfortable at the moment. There’s a terrible burning at the back of my throat. It is not hysterical as I so wistfully hoped. A burning has been there for more than two weeks, but has become severe in the past few days. The local doctor has referred to it as GERD. Maybe that’s what it is. She prescribed me some medicine that I have not yet taken; I opted to seek out a natural cure. I have started taking Aloe Vera and am hoping to find the homeopathic remedy that was recommended to me by a homeopath friend.

The burning sure is bad. That I don’t know what it is or how to stop it is a big part of what bothers me. The notion that I will require medical tests is an issue because I don’t have health insurance. It’s possible that if I take all the medication prescribed to me along with the Aloe Vera and don’t do weird eating, all will be well. I don’t feel like I have gas or that stomach fluid is coming up. I don’t have an acid taste in my mouth. Just a helluva lot of pain at the back of my throat. I have read that problems like this can cause serious problems in esophagus if not treated. So I'll take the damned medicine the doctor prescribed and double it up with the homeopathy. Or will I?

I have a meeting today with an established artist to discuss my plans for the Budapest Exchange of Contempory Art (BECA). I met yesterday with Peter Sik, an MBA student who would like to work on the project. He also may have a client for the Intelligence service, which is good news. Yesterday I had the final step taken on a root canal filling on a tooth on the upper right side of my mouth. What was a badly broken food trap is now a fine new tooth. So that's going for me. I will muster forth, despite my discomfort. I will get the homeopathic treatment and take it. I will continue with the Aloe. And I will follow Deepak Chopra's prescribed steps to relieve heartburn. And I may well take the conventional stuff.


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