Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Entertainment of my mind

When I have the time in the mornings I walk to the tram instead of taking the bus. It's a downhill walk along tree-lined streets including once street lined with enormous beech trees. The houses are also impressive, a number of Hapsburg-era mansions among them with their red tile roofs and gold-colored exteriors. As I stroll, a story unfolds itself in my mind. The latest one is inspired by an article I read about crystal methamphetamine use in Indiana.

The article describes the murder of a little girl who witnessed some youths using meth in an apartment complex. There were also some details about the local meth trade including mention of a meth lab that exploded recently.

The story that ran through my head was about a pair of brothers, both in their twenties who manufactured and distributed crystal meth for the Indiana market. The younger one ran the lab and the older one ran the distribution business. Keith, the tall skinny red-haired lab technician, was a bookish sort who over time turned a stove top meth lab into an automated production facility in a 100 sqm basement the boys had built for that purpose. Keith spent 2-3 hours a day in the lab, changing the mixes, unloading the product and cleaning it up. The rest of the time he passed reading books, listening to jazz music, surfing the Internet, watching TV, practicing Yoga and relaxing in his Jacuzzi.

Ben, the dark-haired, bearded older brother, drove his red pickup truck once a week to a steakhouse in a neighboring town for a poker game. As the game would wind down, each player would leave at intervals, each taking a different circuitous route to one of several secret spots in the woods where they would all again convene and Ben would hand out consignments of product. This elaborate procedure had all been masterminded by Keith. The business turned a profit of several hundred thousands a year for the brothers. Neither of them used the product on a regular basis.


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