Friday, January 14, 2005

Om Mane Padme Hom

The body is the vessel of the soul. But not quite in the same way as a car is a vessel for the body. The soul has its own space that is completely removed from the body and its environment. In this space of the soul, physical space is ultimately irrelevant. What occurs in physical space doesn't last. The presence of the soul in the mind and the mind in the soul is what delivers me from local complication. To observe without responding, to experience without getting involved.

The soul visits the body, shares and directs its experience on the physical plane. As the body clings to the sensations of the physical, it moves away from the soul. The soul must claim its own space to the benefit of the body. Thank you for this space and this body. Thank you for this freedom from the passions.

It is not difficult for me to seperate from involvement with others for involvement's sake. There have been times when I have enjoyed the company of others, in particular my own wife and son. They are the two most delightful people in my life. Of course I have had my share of irritation with them. But I love them both dearly.

Claiming the the space of the soul involves an acceptance of things as they are in the physical realm. It is comforting and useful to understand that I am not really here, that this body is really just a television set for the soul, a really advanced VR television that involves the full suite of human senses. This understanding helps me to rise above the imperfections of the physical environment I find myself in. Once I rise above, once I claim my space, my body stands in this physical space without want or complaint. What others think isn't so important. Ultimately it's irrelevant. But in the meantime it can be interesting, like part of a good television show.


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