Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A time before time, a place with no space

Lucia, my wife, is back from Berlin. Csilla, my assistant, is home with her sick daughter. There are odds and ends I could be working on. But the heart of the matter is the time before time and the place with no space. There and only there can the truth be found.

You might argue that such a province does not and cannot exist. Well, read the above paragraph again a few times with an open mind and it may well start to exist if only in your imagination, as it has begun to in mine.

Why can truth be found there? With no time, for starters, there are no schedules, no deadlines. No need for "spin." A place with no space begets no travel concerns. No place to go. There is, I contend, only room for truth. Not mathematical truth. That is anyhow fantasy. When in reality is 2+2 ever equal to 4? When can you ever actually get 2 of something. Mathematics exists in principle and is applied to the world around you only approximately. And in a place without space or time, there's nothing to add or count. So mathematical truth. Absolute truth? Perhaps. A truth that is comfortably divorced from all things temporal and material. A divine sort of truth. Everything that always and everywhere is in this world is all that you find in the timeless, spaceless place. I want each of you to make a list of these and post them as comments.


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