Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Pain in the Neck

Yes, I have a pain in the neck, extending to the left elbow. Is it my heart? Will I be dead in an hour? Should I be so lucky? It has eased up a bit since I lined up an interview with the environment minister for next week for The Budapest Times. And it's not so excruciating since I started writing this Blog. Gone are the leisurely, reflective thoughts that run cross my mind at 5 this morning as I exited the tub en route to the dining room for my morning Yoga practice, thoughts that then struck me as so suitable for print.

Instead of thoughts, a mental checklist formulates across my sensorium, haunted by doubts and anxieties. The Yogi in me says to experience the pain, not react, to experience all that occurs, to live as the astral being I am, a temporary passenger in this body of organized and animate dust and water.

But the builder says, charge! Attack my dreams, break them down into goals, line up my tasks and execute them one by one! Make things happen! Materialize those chosen concepts that tasted so sweet on the plate of ideas.

Responsibility to my wife and son. Must dredge forward to feed, clothe and house them. Alas this is my creed. To sort out the means to sneak in myself and make it better for all is my secret plan.


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