Friday, November 26, 2004

Off to Iraq

I'm off to Iraq, it seems. To take a job in the Green Zone for a fantastic amount of money. I sure hope I survive. My wife and son are two people I sure would like to see again. But my friend down there who has offered me the job has been there two years already and tells me it's pretty safe in the zone and that he won't send me outside. The riskiest bit is the ride to and from the airport. I'm excited. It shall be an adventure. Something to write about, assuming I survive. I do have to sort out to jobs here in Budapest I'll have to discontinue. But this can be done. The benefit of the move will be freedom in six months time. Freedom to do whatever my heart desires. Freedom to write a book? Freedom to do what? Freedom to move to the sea? I suppose I'll have six months in Iraq to think about it.

This is a rare opportunity, one that comes to but a few. I suppose I've been blessed. Let's pray the blessings continue.


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