Wednesday, October 27, 2004

10 Wisemen

Five Jewish Wisemen
1. Moses - "Everything is Law and Order"
2. Jesus - "Everything is Love"
3. Karl Marx - "Everything is Money"
4. Sigmund Freud - "Everything is Sex"
5. Albert Einstein - "Everything is Relative"

Five Gentile Wisemen
1. Buddha - "Everything is nothing"
2. Mohammed - "Everything is submission to God"
3. Machiavelli - "Everything is Power"
4. Oscar Wilde - "Everthing is posing"
5. Chip McDonald - "Everything is Important, but Nothing is more important"


  • At 5:06 PM, Blogger Beehive said…

    Hi, Jake! I think your blog is bling, by the way. Are you a flickr member? Well, if you are, go to "My groups" at the bopttom of the screen and search for "Dazed on the Carpet" and join! If you're not, go on and sign up! Then join. You'll love it!

    I'm not that keen on Planet of the Apes, to tell you the truth, but I LOVE Edward Scissorhands. I have a model from Forbidden Planet. Do you know that shop? Ooh, you must go!


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