Saturday, October 23, 2004


Today marked the first Peace Hike up Mt. Kekes. The hike was made by three Central European University students and myself. We took a bus from Budapest to Matrafured, then we entered the trailhead and climbed the mountain - Hungary's highest - in support of the cause of world peace. One student, Ian McDonnell is a Harvard University undergrad doing a semester abroad in CEU's Nationalism program. The other two were economics students - Ralica from Bulgaria and Rasheed from Kirgizstan. We had a refreshing 2 hour hike up through the forest, took photos, talked about a range of topics from books to politics to sports. At the summit, we signed a simple document stating we all hiked for world peace. Then we hiked down to a nearby village, drank tea and caught a bus back to Budapest.

We all agreed that a follow-up hike is in order. Ian agreed to help hang posters to promote the event. We also talked about an event in the forthcoming spring. I'm considering a call to the German language Andrassy University to invite their students. And while I'm at it, why not Pesti Yeshiva? But they couldn't hike on their Sabbath.


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