Saturday, January 20, 2007

Of pressing interest to many . . .

President Bush makes it known that he is a Christian, as he did this past Christmas, seen on flikr with his family and passing holiday greetings on to the troops in Iraq. The president recognizes that the divide between Christianity and Islam is no gaming matter, despite the money that changes hands between Mac users and mobile Internet subscribers who have turned the business of politics into that of a bookmaker’s. The president has been shopping around for solutions to the ongoing mid-east crises. Online oddsmakers now favor success for the troop surge and call the recommendations of the Baker group a decided long-shot. But the windows of opportunity for a quick and bloodless end to war and conflict may have slammed shut long ago, leaving the weather within the Bush camp decidedly gloomy for some time to come.

As this blogger is keen to remark, women are not alone in raising alarm bells about such pressing concerns as global warming, but their voices are becoming more and more important. Just as sexy devices from Apple such as the ipod or the new iphone are increasingly marketed to women, it is becoming clear that women are not only becoming more tech-savvy, but communicative about global issues as well. Whether downloading an mp3 podcast about web-20, web2.0, the new wii videogame console or the latest youtube video, women are contributing to the world-wide wordpress in more ways than one.

In all of 2006 and so far in 2007, on any given Thursday, 13 of every 15 women in the US and EU will use some form of electronic media.

All this enters the realm of politics with the announcement by Hillary Clinton of her entry into the 2008 US Presidential race. With more and more women plugged-in, they are likely to be better informed and more motivated to participate in the political process. This promises to be good news for Hillary and bad news for Bush, as increased coverage of the Clinton campaign will likely dog the Bush Whitehouse up to the final days of it lame-duck term.


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