Sunday, December 03, 2006

Land of the midday moon

Back in Stockholm. I came up at the bequest of my lead client for his company Christmas party. This sits well with me as my supergood friend Adriano lives here so I'm able to hang out with him and stay at his place.

Adriano is apart from his two sons and their mother, his ex-wife. They live in the US, on Long Island. While it's very, very sad that the boys are now apart from their pop, it's also clear that Adriano is making a new life here and he loves his Swedish girlfriend, Carolin. She's lovely, plugged in, and very enlightened about how to live. We all had a great evening last night staying up until all hours eating chocolates, drinking tea and chatting about wonderfully nutty topics such as how Adriano should abandon his pursuit of an old school IT job and become a Reiki therapist.

This morning we had a swell Swedish breakfast, then they went off somewhere from which Carolin would depart to her home in some other part of Sweden. Meanwhile I went off to meet a lovely young Swedish woman whom I met through Hospitality Club. We walked round some swell Stockholm neighborhoods and then went to a Vegetarian cafe where we waxed long about varying topics such as arousing people's interest to blog entries by offending them or at least provoking them. Not by taking positions, but by posing questions. Unfortunately, all her entries are in Swedish. I asked her to accompany me to the Party on Tuesday. What a nifty afternoon. Bubbly feelings ever since. Walked to the Hilton afterwards to pee. It was just four in the afternoon, but well after dark. Went downstairs toward the WC to find a large glass wall behind which was a group of 15 or so people practicing Astanga Vinyasa Yoga. I watched a man in a downward dog that is much better than my own. I await more practice with Lucia, my wife the Yoga teacher I look forward to going to her lessons twice a week along with Eldar. He can do his homework in the next room and draw pictures. Could work. I bet it would be a net gain for everyone.


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