Saturday, January 13, 2007


Faced with some intriguing intricacies. Overslept this morning. Not enough Yoga and meditation. My lead client was disappointed by an error in reporting I sent to him, said a "reputation loss" was the result to the client. I am working to develop two new websites which must be done, but I haven't mapped out effectively when to work on them. I was just offered to teach a journalism class at the local branch of an American University, which is good. Money insecurity clouds the future. But regular Yoga and meditation will improve things all round. Meditation tomorrow morning. I've gotten out of the habit of afternoon meditation, which I can correct. I will do my best to commit to this this week.

And I've got to take steps to get my next Energy column into shape.

But meditation is key to well being. For starters it gets me into the mode of "equanimity" - taking all that life brings without judgment or reaction. Why create a mental phenomenon out of a physical one? Why create difficulties? If a situation crops up other than expected or hoped for, then receive the situation as it is. Surmise what steps need to be taken and implement them. And meditate. Practice Yoga. Do the best with what's available.


6: wake and meditate
7: Yoga
9: breakfast
9:30 website issues - develop over content design and send to Tamas, contact dudes for energy bulletin
12:00 leave for lunch

3:00 meditate

Monday will be the most important
day of the week. If I follow the right pattern then, I'll get off on the right track.

Things will be as they will be.


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