Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Train proves the right move

Last I remarked I was sitting in an Internet cafe waiting for the night trian from Istanbul to Ankara, bemoaning my fate, regretting that I'd not taken the bus and checked into an Ankara hotel. But as it turned out, the train was modern and comfortable. I had a bed in a couchette chamber with two very pleasant Turkish fellows, one of whom shared his breakfast of dried dates the next morning.

At 7:30 I was off the train, went to the station barber for a shave and a trim, then took a taxi to my meeting, which went excetptionally well. The planned interview was excellent and unplanned meetings with three other gentlemen hold great promise. My interviewee took me to lunch and had his driver take me to a private bus terminal where I caught a posh and spacious express bus back to Istanbul, where I am now. Once here I had a bit of trouble finding a room. The place I had in mind was fully booked and others were too expensive. I was all ready to either pay through the nose or take a tiny windowless room when I suddenly came across a lovely little place that had a spacious room with a big comfortable bed, great shower, view and a sofa, all for an excellent price. I was able to practice a good session of Yoga this morning and have gotten in a couple of good meditation sessions. I did some shopping, bought a shirt, a CD for Lucia, a dartboard for Eldar and some Turkish delicacies. Tomorrow I return to riot-racked Hungary, hoping all is well.


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