Friday, July 01, 2005

It's been nearly a week since my return from Croatia. Things are OK, it seems. Life is hectic as usual, but not at all bad. It's summertime and there's money in the bank. I've been running, practicing Yoga and eating a largely raw, entirely vegetarian diet. The previously-described "acid reflux" has revealed itself to be directly tied in to emotional issues.

I would love to return to Split, Croatia sometime soon. I have stated efforts to produce a tourist map of the place financed by ads. Perhaps it's not over my head. Lucia and I have scheduled a meeting on Monday to begin work on If we work consistantly on that, it could become something special that supports us and brings us a lot of satisfaction.

We would do well to plan some journalism trips of the nature I organised in Croatia. Getting paid to travel to exotic ports is not to be protested.


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