Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm not radical

But I really wish I were. Most of the time my activities are rather conventional and even mediocre. No meditation this morning on account of a late night of writing to beat a deadline for a newspaper article I was writing. Now I'm torn between writing this and washing the dishes.

I have two envelopes from my bank, unopened. One is a bank card, the other a pin code. Should I open them?

Bank, blank, crank, dank, flank, frank, hank, lank, plank, prank, rank, sank, shank, shrank, stank, tank, thank, wank, yank . . .

Bottle, coddle, dawdle, puddle, throttle, waddle, yodel . . .

On her corner a beautiful whore
Stood across from the diamond store
She said to a John
Whom she'd rather turned on
"Fetch a rock and I'll show you some more . . ."

The meteorologist, Coddle,
Found a most unusual Puddle
He could tell by the moisture
That it once held an oyster,
A bottle,
And a shepherd who yodeled.


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