Friday, January 11, 2008

A New Year Begins

Hard to believe that anyone reads this blog, what with my delinquency re entries. But as my statistics page reveals, hundreds of people actually do read it. So for your benefit, here's another entry.

It's cold in Budapest. I myself have been suffering from a cold that dates back to the week before New Year's. I fasted for two days in the days before New Year's and that got rid of it pretty well. But at the Mormon New Year's party we went to I ate a lot of sweet deserts. Later that week my throat was on fire. I commanded myself to keep whatever bugs I was hosting to stay there and not spread. Within a few days the pain was gone, but a runny nose replaced it. A few days ago, I started to feel pretty lousy and a lot of green snot was passing through my nostrils, rendering my nose rather useless. So I started fasting yesterday; that is no food yesterday and today. I'm feeling better and my nose works again. Still some snot from the right nostril, but much less. Today I practiced Yoga, which was good. I've been drinking wheatgrass juice each day. I think I'll eat for real tomorrow, starting with fruit.

As far as work goes, I completed a pair of research projects just before Christmas for good money. Lately I've been teaching a lot of English to business executives for decent money. And I continue to write press releases for a Web Analytics firm for fair money. And I'm moving close to a contract to solve the ancient Etruscan language. If there's anyone out there who could help with this, please comment. I also have been writing articles on Budapest real estate for an in-flight magazine for not-bad money. Soon I will resume my teaching duties at McDaniel College, where I am Professor of Journalism for OK money. So there's no desperation in the air, but no holidays either, just now anyway. We do plan a short trip to the mountains in week or so, if we sort out accommodation.

Another bit of news: the Iraqi family I helped escape from Iraq is reunited safe and sound in Sweden.


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