Monday, March 10, 2008

Stormy Monday

It's 5:11 p.m. I've done very little of the stuff I've gotta get done. But I've got 4 hours and 49 minutes before bedtime. I'm sorry to bore all you readers with what I must do, but for the purpose of clearing my head and to prove to myself that I can at least do this, I will type a list of what I must do.

1. I will prepare a mid-term exam for my journalism students. This gets top priority. I will find a suitable article around which to base the exam and I will make it.
2. I will find all the students' articles that are ready to be posted to the web and send them to Sven, the student editor.

I think this is all I will do this evening. Tomorrow I will rise at 5, meditate, practice Yoga and head off at 8:30 to meet my two media planning clients at MC Media in the morning, then I will come home for an hour, during which time I can ring someone at OTP home leasing for the leasing article the BBJ expects me to write.

Then, at 11:30 I will leave for McDaniel College to administer the mid-term. Once done, I'll head over to Sanoma magazine publishers to meet my client there at 3 p.m. Then I'll head home to write the article on the Hungarian Irish Business Circle party this past Saturday. Lucia has agreed to do some research for me on this during the day while I am teaching. It won't be a long article, so I'll finish it before I go to bed at 10.

Wednesday morning, if all goes according to plan I will meet with Steve Torocskei with whom I can get more trend information on leasing in the Hung market. With luck, he'll supply me with some people to call to get more info. Then I'll head home, arriving around 11 where for 2 hours I can call these folks about leasing and eat some lunch. Then at 1 I'll head over to MC Media to meet this new client there. Once done, I'll head home, arriving at about 3. Then I'll commence to write the leasing article, make supper, etc. God willing, I'll finish that by ten.

Wish me luck!


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