Saturday, August 04, 2007

Turkey awaits!

Thanks to the power of attraction - or perhaps just to Lucia's determination - we will, after all, go to Turkey. Lucia found low-priced charter tickets from Budapest to Bodrum, Turkey. We will travel from Bodrum to Butterfly Valley and stay there for 5 or so days where Lucia will teach Yoga and I will take Yoga and we will all have fun. What's more we will swim in the Med sea, climb on the rocks and hang out with hip folk from all over. Who could ask for anything more?

Eldar will be certain to enjoy himself playing in the waves as he has on our two previous visits. Of course, more time could have been nice, but the deal with the ticket only allowed for 10 days. So we accept it as a gift.

Meanwhile, I press forward with a study of banking in an unnamed country with the largest population of Jews of any Mid-eastern country outside Israel. This has already been paid for, which is nice. Beyond this, I have been moving forward with a proposed real estate project on the Danube Bend, where I went with an Irish architect yesterday and with underground coal gasification here in Hungary. Both projects hold much projects. Both are still some distance from producing any money. But hope springs eternal.


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