Monday, May 28, 2007

Iran and US Reps Meet with Smashing Success

I have been reading and hearing about the new dialog between the US and Iran. This is considered historic because Iran and Iraq haven't officially spoken in 20 years. In the meeting, the US Ambassador to Iraq reportedly accused Iran of exporting machinery of war into Iraq and his Iranian counterpart denied it. What progress. But who are these guys? Do they represent the average Yank or average Iranian? I suspect not.

I am closer to the average American in terms of lifestyle, income, habits, family and so forth, despite the fact that I live abroad. And a student of mine this past semester from Iran is likely much closer to the average Iranian. And we agree on all sorts of things. In fact, we're friends. And from what he tells me about most people in Iran, they sound like great folks, the sort I'd be happy to meet.

Do we accuse each other of wrongdoing and deny accusations? Of course not. Our "dialog" has been one of peace and education. Why hasn't this made world news? "Representatives of US and Iran meet with smashing success" could be our headline.

Perhaps we need something grander to steal some of the show from the representatives of the investor class and militaries.


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