Tuesday, August 08, 2006

First Blog from the park

This is the first blog entry i have attempted with my new phone with its big keyboard. Still not quite like the computer but a heckofa lot faster than a phonepad. So I'm sitting here on a lovely August day in the terraced park near the tomb of Güll Baba café, a medieval Ottoman ruler of Hungary, while my son Eldar runs and plays with his mates. Up at the Güll Baba café, we each had an ice cream and i mentioned to Eldar that if the place were under Turkish ownership and management, that it would be both nicer, more interesting and receive more patronage. And if the little mosque were put to use as a mosque, not just as a museum, then you'd have a host of Muslims hanging out. It could really get groovy.

Great views of the city, green, pleasant atmosphere; word would spread. And more tourists would come.

I want to get BBJIS going again and freshen up contacts with the embassies and get involved in some cool international projects.

Very intriguing this need for engagement, either active like typing a blog or passive like reading. I could sit and meditate i suppose. But i did that twice today already. But a friend, a book or a device, roughly in that order makes all the difference. Or so it seems. What would i do if i had no device? I could play with Eldar, i suppose.


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