Friday, July 04, 2008

Back in Butterfly Valley

That's right, friends! I am alive and well and residing in Butterfly Valley, an isolated fjord in the Southwest corner of Turkey directly on the Mediterranean coast, facing the sunset. Above I stand with a native of this remarkable place accessible only by sea or by scaling a treacherous mountain wall. To post this blog entry I had to travel by boat to Ülödeniz, on a nearby peninsula. Lucia, Eldar and I are living in a "Gilligan's Island" style bungalow. The image blow is taken from the "balcony" of our stilted dwelling and the structure in the distance strongly resembles our own.

Lucia has been teaching Yoga, Eldar has been making art and I have been working in the fields, irrigating and weeding. Been doing a bit of swimming, too. Also reading Paul Johnson's A History of the Jews. Lucia has been hanging out with some of the local boys, spawning much gossip. I don't mind. Photographer Stephen Spinder has joined us in the Valley, down from Budapest. He's enjoying himself, partying, photographing and shagging women half his age. He described his time as "in the top three" of all his vacations so far.


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