Thursday, June 26, 2008

Passport arrives! Butterfly Valley awaits!

Today at about 20 minutes before 13:00, while I was logging on to the DHL website to check the status of my passport (I was concerned because of the strange report I had received earlier, see previous post) and was preparing to ring up the central office, I spotted a motor-scooter stop in front of the hotel (The lobby here opens up to the streetfront patio; the street itself is narrow, tree-lined and relatively quiet - daytime, anyway). The guy had on a two-tone shirt that brought to mind the DHL colors. But the container on the back of the scooter was clearly insulated. So he must be a food delivery guy, I resigned myself to think. But lo and behold, he pulled out a large envelope from the container and brought it up to the desk. It was marked clearly with "DHL." I intercepted him, told him my name, signed and tore it open. And there it was! My freedom had arrived!! Now to board the hydrofoil at 16:30 and head off to join my kin . . .


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